What Lovely Costumes


         In Mad Max: Fury Road, Immorten Joe thinks of his wives as “breeders” or property. But the Splendid Angharad, the Dag, Capable, Cheedo the Fragile, and Toast the Knowing continually reject objectification. They rebel not only as a group seeking freedom, but also as individuals each with their personalities, hopes, and fears that are the basis of their actions. Although Furiosa sets in motion the wives’ escape, it is they who maintain it and give it meaning.

         One way in which the wives express their individualities is through fashion. Although all five of them wear clothes seemingly cut from the same cloth, they each have a style of their own. Thanks to Jenny Beavan — whose second Oscar win last Sunday caused a bit of a quasi-scandal — the wives’ costumes reflect their unity for a common purpose as sisters in arms and also their adamant individualities. Furthermore, from a pure aesthetic point of view, we at Ana Banana were amazed at how Beavan transformed a white fabric into five distinct and expressive looks. As a swimwear brand that believes design to be capable of both simplicity and multiplicity, to see Beavan’s costumes express oppression, unity, and freedom is truly invigorating.

mad max fury road the five wives

- The Ana Banana Team
ana banana team