To be Distracted No More


We are, as the poet once said, distracted from distraction by distraction. We sit down to work but our minds scurry to the wormhole that is the Internet. There are so many things to be seen and read, so many things to be liked, explored, and shared. The fact that everyone else is as easily (or at least almost as easily) distracted and will no doubt be privy to the latest viral whatnots and its many parodies and copies makes procrastination a much needed remedy to the nagging fear of missing out. 

That is why, dear distracted reader, you must get the Go Fucking Work app, a website blocker that will block selected websites so that you can get back to work. The app’s authoritarian phrases in all caps — one of which reads, “FUCK YOU. WORK” — save you from your addiction to distractions. The real selling point of the app is that it makes you second-guess your choice to pause it should you really, really, really need to. Go Fucking Work provides the means to effectively curb your procrastination.

We advise you to put every website — except this one, of course, — in the app’s blocking list and to go forth and work. Besides, wouldn’t we all rather save the distracted time and, one day, spend it all on the beach with family and friends?

- The Ana Banana Team
ana banana team