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        Last week, I recommended Broad City to a friend and she asked me, What’s it about? I thought of Abbi throwing manuka honey at a giant Bingo Bronson at a Whole Foods in Gowanus and of Illana saluting the Hilary 2016 campaign logo. I thought of its numerous call backs and running jokes, and surreal scenes rooted in New York City realities that somehow untether viewers from their seats with unreal hilarity. I also thought about its open and new way of dealing with sex and its way of addressing feminism, mainstream culture, local politics, etc. I didn’t have time to say all these things, so I said, It’s funny.

        Funny, which Broad City undoubtedly is, isn’t all it is. A show unafraid in its expressions is a powerful thing, especially when the primary reaction to it is laughter. Together, Abbi and Illana — making ways in a field still largely dominated by men — speak truthfully with a fresh and unique voice.

        Like minded women banded together have always posed a threat. Although today, championing feminism has made its way into the mainstream culture — through celebrity tweets, memes, pop songs, etc. —, to speak truly of it is still an act of dissent. In this sense, La Femme Collective, a space for independent women to share their stories, will soon be a voice to be reckoned with. We at Ana Banana are proud to be a part of it.

- The Ana Banana Team
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photo: Burak Cakmak (instagram)