Michael Carson

michael carson painting ana banana swim blog

            There’s much to like in Michael Carson’s work. Carson designs the clothes his subjects wear (it often seems as though he has a thing for skirts of a certain length and cut). Often the patterns or colors of his backgrounds match those of the clothes, creating a sense of continuity of color and texture, for which he’s been likened to Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec.

            But it’s something else entirely to see his work in a series, one after the other. Seen this way, the subjects acquire a strange sense of simultaneity — it’s five o’clock somewhere, it’s black jack hour somewhere else, a contemplative girl sits on an armchair in a corner, a confident indoor sunglasses type sits on another. At first, the men and women of Caron’s world seem repetitious (for example, the shorthaired and long-legged girls in fashionable clothes standing or sitting in groups). But the everyday is often repetitious; today strangely like yesterday and the day before, yet still magically transformative.

michael carson painting ana banana swim blog

- Ana Banana Team
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photo: Michael Carson (source)