We Are Here But We Are Elsewhere

It’s hard to believe after such a long and unpredictable sweater weather, but summer is around the corner. As it inevitably always is, which makes the sense of relief and wonder at its return in and of itself quite wonderful. As an update on our January post on traveling, and in welcoming the curiously much awaited season of stifling sensations, heat waves, malfunctioning AC, and hot building breath, we’ve selected a few destinations to consider for the long weekends and vacations to come.

Prince Edward County is an island on the edge of Lake Ontario, a two hour drive from Toronto. The isolated island is home to some of Canada’s best beaches, restaurants, and well-preserved Canadian life of days long past.


Anywhere in Italy is certainly a place on your list already but we thought we’d remind you just in case it’s stuck somewhere in your endless travel wish list. We don’t blame you, it happens to the best of us. But Aziz Ansari’s tribute to Italian cuisine in “Master of None” and his recent video has us wanting to find the nonna in all of us.


For somewhere a little closer to home, consider Asbury Park in NJ. It hosts a variety of events every weekend, has a beautiful boardwalk, and is home to a biergarten of more than 100-plus craft beers.


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- Ana Banana Team



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