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You can walk up and down the map and still not find the wondrous array of goodies one finds on 70 North 7th St. Brooklyn, Williamsburg, NY on summer weekends. And this Saturday, from 10 to 7, Ana Banana will be right there in the midst of it, talking shop, hobnobbing, hand-shaking, high-fiving, and showing off our swimwear.

So you know what to: hike up those two blocks from Bedford, get yourself some leather goods at 8.6.4, a Colombian handmade bag at Fe, and get fitted with Ana Banana for what’s most certainly going to be another hot New York summer. Or just come out and chill in the generally creative and beautiful vibe of the place. It’s the best way to celebrate the things, big and small, that needs celebrating on a beautiful June day.

- Ana Banana Team
ana banana team



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