About Januaries

wall art decorations with dream, goals, plans, memories for a new year adventure in girl's thoughtful mind


Januaries are exciting. We text or call “Happy New Year!” to those we usually forget when we’re sober; we come out of late December lassitude to a series of interminable workdays; we read articles and lists that surmise last year with a hint of nostalgia or a wise man’s condescension. And yet, in the first few days of the New Year, cynical memes — some of them quoting Mark Twain — and memories of old resolutions notwithstanding, we make New Year’s resolutions. We post them on social media, tell them to a few good friends, or whisper them to ourselves as if they were mantras. Whatever motivates us to make new resolutions, it must surely go hand in hand with our capacity to hope, to be resolute, and to change for the better. To see and to feel this capacity anew is what truly makes January exciting.

We at Ana Banana decided to embrace this January excitement. We are launching our Ana Banana Blog in order to give you a closer look at Ana Banana — what intrigues us, what bothers us, and what we think and love in the world of fashion, art, and culture. Also, to accompany your January and perusing of our blog and online shop, we’ve also uploaded a carefully selected mixtape.

Happy New Year,

The Ana Banana Team.



 photo: tumblr via Sierra