What to Do with Chocolate this Weekend

Chocolate cat head cake

Many of us do not know what to do with the abundance of chocolate that visits us every February like a monsoon, carrying on its back first the anticipation then irrational feelings of inadequacy. Here are a few things anybody can do with chocolate, regardless of who you are, who got the chocolate where and why.

Eat It — Go ahead, eat it. It’s okay. It’s good for you. Don’t fool around with it in the bedroom; it will only make a mess and do very little otherwise.

Make It — Make chocolate or make something with chocolate for someone or just for you. The good, the bad, and the ugly are all good choices when it involves chocolate.

Toss It — Throw it away. Don’t eat that chocolate that guy or gal left on your work desk while you were away making coffee. They didn’t have the courage to give it to you in person. You don’t need that. It will only cause unwanted feelings of indebtedness.

Drink ItHere. Do it.

Give It — Give chocolate to your late night partying neighbor. The next time you make a noise complaint, you won’t feel as bad. Or if you are the noisy neighbor, your neighbor will feel bad the next time they complain.

F**k It — Hit the gym, avoid CVS, hit the gym, drink some wine, and let Valentines pass you by.

- The Ana Banana Team.

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