For the brave in the city, snow is a limited edition seasonal special. But for those of us who are not inspired by snow to bravura, snow only limits us. Even when we do the things we do indoors in all seasons, they just don’t feel the same. For instance, talking. One can surely enjoy talking in front of a fireplace with a cup of cocoa with a picturesque marshmallow floating on top, but who has a fireplace, let alone the energy to make a cup of cocoa, deprived of vitamin D as we all are in this mid-February snow overload.

What we at Ana Banana want to do is to talk on a beach. Lakeside will do, if the beach is too far. But most importantly, what we want is to talk and talk and talk ourselves silly — especially with the snow out and the sun down by five — because we feel the need to occupy our surroundings with something of ourselves. On drab wintry days, such is the reduced condition of one not so inspired to march up and down the wind tunnels that are our city’s glorious avenues. 

Not much happens in Linda Rosenkrantz’s Talk. In fact, it consists entirely of transcripts of real conversations between Rosenkrantz and her friends on a beach in East Hampton in the summer of 1965. It is, in other words, what we’d rather be doing today; talking with friends on the beach. With the weather as it is, it is about where we are as much as it is about whom we talk with.


The Ana Banana Team



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