A Day on the Beach

long beach NY

Long Beach is only an hour away from the city. The outer barrier island, which can be reached by LIRR and various buses, lies south east of Rockaway Beach, the farthest place the sprawling A train will take you out of the city. Once off the train and on the beach, to the eyes accustomed to the height and depth of New York skylines seen up too close to the action, the scenery is all horizons. To one whose only daily encounter with the horizon is one of fellow commuters’ hairlines, Long Beach is like instant magic — just add an hour!

ana banana swim photoshoot

The Ana Banana team, Frank and Anita of Frame Photographics, and two beautiful models, Emily and Danielle, visited the beach this past Tuesday for a photo shoot for our upcoming designs. But we had time to dip our toes in the cold water and lose a shoe in a tremendous mound of sand — a rabbit hole for all we know — and spend an absurd amount of time looking for it.

Perhaps you were there among the scant weekday visitors to the beach, sipping mid-afternoon beers and chasing after flying hats. If so, you no doubt saw us; we were that motley crew with a shaky tent, two of us wearing beautiful swimwear, and all of us playing and working to make our dreams a reality. Or maybe you saw us fumbling around near a mound of sand. And perhaps you were wondering who we could possibly be? Well, if you don’t know, now you know.


Stay tuned for the photos and the incorrigibly playful and beautiful new season of Ana Banana.

- Ana Banana Team

ana banana swim photoshoot