About and Around Town

Often one walks past sculptures — in a park toward the fountain, in a museum toward the paintings. Sculpture as symbol/monument overshadow sculpture as art in our art filled city to a degree where we pay as much attention to them as we would to colorful posters or scaffoldings lining our streets. Reasons must be manifold: art history classes, the ubiquitous men in arms on horses, etc.

Whatever that holds back our wonder and amusement at sculptures in the city does not hold sway at Storm King Art Center. It is the red steel of Alexander Liberman’s Adonai that first emerges out of the quiet greenery of the park to reintroduce its visitors to sculpture. The rest of the trip through the park is a continuation of fascination.  

To get there: NJ transit from Penn Station to Salisbury Mills. In other words, from the underbelly of Manhattan to Upstate greenery. Transfer at Seacaucus and have an illicit beer or two while waiting. 

 Meanwhile in the city, Danny Lyon’s retrospective, Danny Lyon: Message to the Future is in full swing at the Whitney. And a few blocks north, James Cohan gallery has a new group exhibition, Intimisms, featuring twenty-six historic, established, and emerging artists. As the gallery puts it, “the style privileges an artist’s ineffable affinities and communion with his or her subject, rather than emphasizing direct observation and storytelling”. You can have a sneak preview of the affinities here.

Speaking of ineffability, Jessica and Connor from the UK captured our swimwear in action during their summer vacation in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. Check out their websites for more beautiful photos from around the world.

Finally, a heads up for those in search of the sublime of a different brand: Ana Banana will be at both Artists and Fleas and the Brooklyn Flea this Saturday. Why not do a Williamsburg — Fort Greene Cool Stuff Pilgrimage?

-Ana Banana Team