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It has been alleged that I’m an idealist.

The allegation was made after I refused to take ‘romantic’. Not that I have an unusual dislike for naming or being named. I like names. They tell stories. I refused because the word was inaccurate. It said more about my inquisitors than it did about me, and that’s nothing to settle for. And just as I was about to make my case against ‘idealist’, my inquisitors — my dear friends — stood up, proclaimed the matter settled, and went to bed. And thus I was labeled someone incapable of parting with child logic.

So, here I make a short statement in my defense.

Optimism does not make one an idealist. It is precisely the capacity for positivity despite the many odds that make those, such as the defendant, something altogether different. We know the odds. We know the days ahead are vague and progress difficult. But why is it that whenever we posit openness and an acute awareness of possibility as a means of approaching the world, that we are seen to be naïve, young, dumb.

Cynicism is boring. It does not need to be voiced to be felt.

We think of progress because we’ve pushed through cynicism to work toward it.

Not sure what to call the likes of us. Brave, tenacious, maybe? But surely not daydreamers running on childhood illusions. Never that.

As we at Ana Banana embark on this New Year, we think of the footsteps we will have left behind by December. We are in awe of the time ahead of us. So we sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed a bit of music. Then we went back to work.

For that calm before getting back to realizing your dreams, check out our Soundcloud page for our Ana Banana January Mixtape.


- Ana Banana Team
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