Ana Banana — a Verb, Noun, and Adjective

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Some say hygge doesn’t have an English equivalent. That it’s a Danish concept, born and raised in the Nordic cold and the ethos specific to the place. Well, Bushwick may not have a funny sounding word for it, but we have our own countless ways of “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” I mean walk down any street in Brooklyn and we will happily point out the good things in life and the good people who provide them: the smell of firewood crackling in the middle of a graffiti ridden street at the Rookery; a walk down the block for a night of drawing and community at Bat Haus; the curious and powerful ways you communicate through and beyond language barriers at El Dorado; the coffee at Variety; the few times the L ran on time. 

What I’m trying to say is, hygge — or some other name somebody will ‘discover’ in a foreign culture five years from now — is absolutely not a new concept. It’s simply a new way of calling something we all know how to do, wherever we are. Our models and photographers’ beautiful photos from L.A. to Australia in the middle of cold January are most certainly hygge. Thinking ahead to the summer, insisting on ice cream or an iced drink with boots on your feet, standing on line for a beer with wet sand between your toes in Rockaway? Absolutely.

Whatever works, whatever floats your boat, whatever keeps you classy à la Ana Banana. 

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- Ana Banana Team
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