I've got the Month of May


Vincent van Gogh - View of Arles with Irises in the Foreground ana banana swim

May is colored with yellow daffodils and the white of a new bride at an outdoor wedding. Occasionally clouds mass overhead with news of rain but when it comes, it comes gently and sweetly, as its stay is short before the monsoons of summer. It’s pretty enough. Rain dries quickly under the coming and goings people in hopeful shorts. The afterglow of the rite of spring.

Talking about seasons is like talking about an unrequited love. It’s usually boring after the first two minutes and frowned upon as a mark of lack of character in a person. But it’s nevertheless universal and often easily forgiven. One’s perception of a season is rife with projections, perhaps, and the sun, the temperature, the clouds, etc. are convenient markers available to others. So much of love poems depend on similes after all. So, allow me to say that there’s something terribly melancholy about this sunny temperate month of May. Maybe it’s because I read Michael Robbins’s poem, You Haven’t Texted Since Saturday:

You haven’t texted
since Saturday,
when I read Keith Waldrop’s
translation of Les Fleurs du mal
on a bench by whatever
that tower is on the hill
in Fort Greene Park
until you walked up
late as always and I do
mean always
in your dad’s army jacket
and said “Hi, buddy”
in a tone that told me
all I needed to know,
although protocol dictated
that you should sit next to me 
and spell it out
and we should hold each other
and cry and then pretend
everything was fine, would
be fine, was someday
before the final
trumpet, before heat death,
zero point, big rip
sure to be absolutely
perfectly completely
probably fine. […]

Perhaps; or it’s Lee Morgan’s the Sidewinder.

Woke up late on a Sunday and, looking at the bit of light seeping through the blinds, I thought I ought to have made other arrangements. Go back or a little forward in time to look at snow piled on the ground or peonies lining the bodegas.

- Hoon, from Ana Banana Team.
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*photo : Vincent van Gogh - View of Arles with Irises in the Foreground (1988)